The Esprit de France Collection

A shared philosophy

Lovers of heritage, arts, and fine crafts always find each other in the end. And since they share a passion for everything that makes France beautiful, they join forces to showcase and share the things that are always best when enjoyed together.  

This is exactly the story behind the launch of Esprit de France hotels and residences. As a committed player in the hotel industry, Esprit de France has naturally appealed to owners of castles, manors, houses, and farmhouses who share the same philosophy about heritage and the hotel sector.  

Over the years, the Esprit de France Collection has been extended to include the exceptional residences that now make up Esprit de France hotels & residences. Everywhere in France, you can now enjoy an immersive experience at the heart of heritage, history, life, gastronomy, and crafts, all guided by Esprit de France. 

So, where are you going next? 

Immerse yourself in the heart of French heritage

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