Château de Chambiers - Boutique château-hotel - Vallée de la Loire


Château de Chambiers

Château de Chambiers - Boutique château-hotel - Vallée de la Loire

Surrounded by stunning gardens

The enchanting, 18th-century Château de Chambiers, nestled on the edge of Chambiers Forest, is an invitation to peacefulness and discovery. Its gardens, an example of French and Italian splendor, are an oasis where time seems to slow down.

Chambiers is a place where the art of hospitality meets the elegance of taking time for yourself.

In the past, this area was ruled over by the Counts of Anjou and was a favorite hunting ground for the kings of France. Today, it celebrates savoring time’s sweet melody as it joyfully stretches further and further. Monsieur and Madame Crouan, your hosts, place great importance on hospitality and sharing French art de vivre.

Each of the five elegantly decorated rooms tells a family story. From the Bonne Maman Room to the Camp du Drap d’Or Room, every nook and cranny plunges you into a unique and beautiful atmosphere.

The heated swimming pool, next to the boules pitch, awaits those who love to relax. The vast Chambiers Forest and its nature reserve are idea for getting lost in your thoughts, while the surrounding lakes are ideal for a spot of fishing.

A stone’s throw away, Solesmes Abbey immerses you in the unique pace of monastic life. The town of Durtal and Chambiers Forest are filled with countless hidden places to explore. Birdsong punctuates this seemingly timeless place, where all your senses will be awakened.

Château de Chambiers is an ode to peaceful living. Here, take time to breathe deep, observe, and be curious. Allow yourself to be astonished by the magic of a place where time seems to stand still.

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Rooms & suites

Explore the five rooms at Château de Chambiers, where each one whispers an intimate tale about its enthralling history. From the delicate Bonne Maman Room to the forest-inspired Saint Hubert Room, expect an elegant retreat where charm and authenticity combine in the warmest of welcomes.

The Bonne Maman Room

2 people

This room offers the perfect blend of modern comfort and old-world charm.
From €148

The Saint Hubert Room

2 people

This room brings to mind long walks in the forest and the joy of reconnecting with nature.
From €148   

The Caroline Room

2 people

This room on the first floor offers the charm and cheerfulness of the 18th century.
From €178 

The Pierre Loti Room

2 people

This room pays tribute to the early 20th century writer and academic.
From €178 

Extra bed: €28

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