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Northern France

Northern France (Hauts-de-France region) is a treasure trove to explore, offering a heady blend of past and present, culture and nature. From the beguiling streets of Lille to the captivating expanses of the Opal Coast, via the charming city of Arras and the enchanting art of Lens, Northern France has something for everyone.

At the heart of the region, Lille shines as the "Pearl of Flanders," harmoniously fusing past and culture. Its cobbled streets invite you on a journey through the centuries, from treasures like the Hospice Comtesse to the seductive Old Stock Exchange. Lille, an artistic symphony, offers a wealth of experiences with its theaters, museums, the Lille National Orchestra, and the Palais des Beaux-Arts, captivating art lovers.

Not far away, Arras, a picturesque city, reveals its streets leading to the sparkling Grand Place. Mysterious underground passages bear witness to the heroic past of World War I, while the Saint-Vaast Cathedral touches the skies with its Gothic grace. The gastronomic delights of Arras, such as the famous Maroilles tart and Flemish carbonnades, delight gourmets.

Lens, a city rooted in mining history, is transforming into a cultural haven. Its cobbled streets bear the scars of the mining past, while the Louvre-Lens Museum, the Bollaert Stadium, and the landscaped park offer a harmonious experience blending history, art, nature, and passion. The Louvre-Lens Museum shines like a cultural beacon of the region. A place for captivating artistic exploration, opening a door to a world of art and history.

The Opal Coast, a sparkling jewel from Berck to Bray Dune, enchants with its natural beauty. The majestic Cap Blanc-Nez and Cap Gris-Nez watch over these lands, where history resonates through vestiges such as the former prison in Boulogne and the belfry in Calais.

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