Our Hotels in Atlantic Loire Valley

Atlantic Loire Valley

The Atlantic Loire Valley (Pays de la Loire) region owes its name to the majestic river that winds its way through its five departments. It offers a diversity of captivating attractions, combining the vestiges of the past, the splendor of nature and the delights of gastronomy. This region attracts not only French souls, but also foreign travelers who come specifically to unravel its mysteries.

It is impossible to venture into this region without being captivated by the sumptuous Châteaux of the Loire. Witnesses of the passage of time, these architectural marvels, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, embody the deep history of this region. From the majestic Château de Saumur to the Château de Serrant and the Château de Clisson, each tells its own story of the lives that have taken place there, between prisoners, kings, dukes, and even monks. A real feast for lovers of captivating stories.

The natural landscapes, which evolve at the soothing rhythm of the Loire, are just as fascinating. Nature lovers find here a haven of peace in this still wild region, where biodiversity thrives, inviting travelers to an experience out of time. You can dive even deeper into this nature by canoeing, rowing, or even pedaling, and thus discover the mysteries that Mother Nature has revealed to us. Mysteries that can be explored during a bike ride along the banks of the Loire, thus combining sport and enchanted discovery.

Endowed with incomparable heritage, historical, and natural wealth, the Pays de la Loire region, extending its charm over Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Sarthe, and Vendée, never ceases to amaze its visitors. Here, nature takes back its rights, evolving at its own pace, with infinite grace.

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