Our Hotels in Brittany


Brittany (Bretagne) offers stunning landscapes, enchanting culture, a unique language, and exquisite cuisine. It charms all who venture there, capturing the heart and awakening the senses. Divided into two parts, Brittany North and Brittany South, this region holds the keys to escape.

North Brittany is a treasure trove, every corner vying for beauty. From vast stretches of water to charming hamlets, it is home to illustrious lands. Saint-Malo, once a haunt of daring corsairs, appears like a guardian by the sea. Cap Fréhel and Fort La Latte stand as unshakeable sentinels of the coast. Ploumanac'h, with its kilometer-long pink granite coast, dazzles. The cobbled streets of Dinard invite romantic strolls and the Halles offer a feast for the palate. In Lannion, the architecture of yesteryear reveals the splendor of the past. South Brittany is a living story of myths and legends. The Brocéliande Forest, the cradle of the King Arthur epic, hides treasures behind every tree: Merlin's tomb, the fountain of youth, and the mysterious fountain of Barenton. In Pont-Aven, the artistic soul of every visitor can wander at leisure through the picturesque streets and lose themselves in the delights of the local museum. Quimper, a city steeped in history, invites you to go for walks in the open air and enchanting cultural discoveries. A land of adventure and wonder, Brittany promises a myriad of adventures to all who visit.

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