Château de la Flocellière - Boutique château-hotel - Vendée


Château de la Flocellière

Château de la Flocellière - Boutique château-hotel - Vendée

Where history, romance, and poetry meet

This listed château has been inhabited since the 11th century, making it a remarkable and enchanting site surrounded by hills, forests, and lakes. Whether you stay in the château, the medieval keep, or the Louis XIII pavilion, you’ll appreciate the elegance of this family residence. Welcome to La Flocellière, where the charm of a centuries-old château meet French art de vivre.

Just five miles from the Puy du Fou historical theme park, this romantic setting offers a unique experience. Here, time slows down so you can explore the château’s age-old secrets, cool off in the heated pool in the summer, stroll through the 37-acre park in the shade of the majestic trees, and maybe even meet the estate’s beautiful dogs.

Not many people know that the château has played host to poets and illustrious figures, and every corner of the estate is brimming with captivating stories and thrilling experiences.

Just a stone’s throw from Château de la Flocellière, an array of exciting adventures await! In front of the estate lie the picturesque streets of La Flocellière, a gorgeous village steeped in history and tradition. You can then suspend your disbelief at the magic of Puy du Fou, where legends and stories will be told. Take a detour to Cunault Abbey, the silent guardian of spiritual elegance, before stepping back through time at the Château de Montreuil Bellay, a medieval fortress where you can hear thrilling tales of the knights and ladies of the time. Nothing short of grandiose!

In Vendée, a stone’s throw from Puy du Fou

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Rooms & Suites

From the romanticism of the René de Surgères Suite to the elegance of the Baronne Alquier Suite and the General Bonnamy Suite, every stay at Château de la Flocellière is a journey back through history. From the windows, you can enjoy an enchanting panorama of the 37-acre grounds. These rooms combine modern comfort with quality bedding, contemporary bathroom facilities, and free Wi-Fi access, while preserving the elegance of period decor and majestic architecture. Welcome home.

The René de Surgères Suite

2 to 4 people

This suite (30m2 + 25m2) recalls the name of the last representative of the Surgères family, lord of Flocellière in the Renaissance.
From €300 for 2 people and €500 for 3 or 4 people

The Baronne Alquier Suite

2 people

This 40 m2 room is named for the Baroness Alquier who left her mark on the history of the château during the time of Napoleon III.
From €330

The General Bonnamy Suite

2 to 5 people

This of 45 m2 suite evokes the story of Charles Augustus Bonnamy, lord of Flocellière between 1796 and 1830.
From €330 for 2 people, €450 for 3 or 4 people and €485 for 5 people      

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