Hôtel de la Groirie - 4 stars hotel - Sarthe


Hôtel de la Groirie

Hôtel de la Groirie - 4 stars hotel - Sarthe

A peaceful interlude in Sarthe

Located just outside Le Mans, Château de la Groirie, now Hôtel de La Groirie, is a historic gem nestled among 247 acres of listed parkland. This elegant 18th-century residence, recently transformed into a four-star hotel, stands as testament to a deep-rooted passion for preserving heritage and celebrating refinement.

The 13 rooms, housed in an 18th-century wing of the estate, offer a picturesque, authentic atmosphere. Each offers a unique charm that skillfully combines ancient with the modern. From the Chambre de la Petite Marquise, with its “Polonaise” bed and sumptuous black marble bathroom, to the Chambre de mon Enfance, with its refreshing, cheerfully painted furniture, you’ll feel right at home – with the added service of a luxury hotel.

Sheltered from the wind and the burning sun, Hôtel de la Groirie’s swimming pool invites you to take a dip before unwinding under a parasol. You can also go on a bike ride, play pétanque, and do yoga – La Groirie is the perfect place to awaken your muscles!

Under the guidance of Gaëtane and Jean-Louis Durand Lépine, La Groirie has become an oasis of calm to be treasured for years to come. Succumb to the charm of this bucolic setting and enjoy a delightful getaway in the heart of Sarthe.

Pays de la Loire, Sarthe department, near Le Mans
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Rooms & suites

Located on the historic estate of La Groirie, the eponymous hotel offers 14 exceptional rooms, elegantly mixing 18th-century charm with subtly modern touches. Whether you opt for the Chambre de la Petite Marquise with its Polonaise bed and black marble bathroom, the Chambre de Mon Enfance, enlivened by joyful, painted furniture, or the Chambre Renaissance with its period furnishings, each space promises a fantastic stay. Experience a delicious blend of history, elegance, and comfort in this listed Historical Monument.

Room Cavaliers

Young cavaliers depicted on the tapestry wall welcome you to this spacious and high-ceilinged room. You will immerse yourself for a night or a stay in a different era: that of a revisited castle room, decorated with Renaissance and High Renaissance furniture.

Room Memory of Italy

This room is decorated with Empire furniture in mahogany and an immense grisaille panorama representing an imaginary journey to Italy. Naples, Vesuvius, Tivoli, etc., the places whirl before your eyes, and the very large bathroom covered in white marble plunges you a little more into the charms of the descendants of the Roman Empire.

Princess Zoubie Room

Experience the atmosphere of a boudoir bedroom in "Louis XVI" style, furnished with refined marquetry furniture, and let yourself be amazed by its onyx-plated bathroom.

Little Marquise Room

Immerse yourself in another universe, and enjoy the pleasure of sleeping in a bed called "à la Polonaise"... but with much more comfortable dimensions. Its vast bathroom is covered in black marble, all in elegance and mystery.

The Return of the Chinaman Room

One Chinese, then two, then three, then... This pleasant room bears this name because of the motifs illustrating its very pretty "toile de Jouy" in acidulous tones. Beautiful woodwork completes a very harmonious décor and contrasts with a vast bathroom with a stone floor.

Little Musician Room

Delicately decorated with a fireplace with soft curves where, from the top of its overmantel, watches a little musician, this room with painted woodwork embodies the art of living under the Ancien Régime. Its pretty bathroom is paved with natural stones with black cabochons.

Seven and a Half Room

This very large room, twinned with a small boudoir, is an invitation to discover the world of the painter Jean Baptiste Huet. Idealized landscapes and charming animals are a visual source of tranquility and carelessness. Its large bathroom with shower and bathtub completes the space and luxury of this suite, this magnificent "half" room.

Charming Room

Located on the 1st floor of the hotel, this room has both a view of the castle and part of the estate's woods. Its painted beams in soft green and its almost private terrace make it particularly unique and charming.

Three More Steps Room

You still have to climb three small steps to access this room with impressive dimensions, the size of a suite. Its beautiful blond wooden beams form a sylvan harmony with the imposing antique furniture, while a contemporary spirit floats in the bathroom.

Satori Room

An atmosphere of great tranquility reigns in this large room with brushed natural beams. Very pretty antique furniture comforts the feeling of fullness and zen spirit, and the atmosphere is one of illumination, satori.

My Childhood Room

Charming painted furniture, "water green" stripes, freshness and tanginess: enough to fall back into childhood, whatever the place and the memories for this very comfortable room.

'Consular & In Memory Of Family' Suite and Room

Enjoy a family suite with two bedrooms in a common space. The atmosphere of these two adjoining hotel rooms, configurable into a family suite, pays homage to Napoleon Bonaparte, with their imposing ceiling heights, both fully stretched with fine-striped fabrics, and furnished with carpets with a revisited "panther" motif, in the exact spirit of the decorations of the emperor's campaign tents...

The House of Roses Room

This room called "Maison des Roses" is located in the former gardener's house, it overlooks the castle's rose garden. It consists of a beautiful independent entrance, a large bedroom with a king size bed and living room, and a bathroom with shower, bathtub and separate toilet. The room is on the ground floor and has a small private terrace. This 45 m2 room is equipped with a Nespresso machine, a minibar with complimentary drinks, bathrobes and slippers.

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