Our spirit

Take a fresh look at France

Look at it from another angle, as if you were discovering a new world in which everything was different. Little by little, you’ll feel yourself being enchanted by everything that France has to offer. 

In this France, beauty is everywhere. The beauty felt by the five senses; the beauty of stories, experiences, and encounters; intense beauty, subtly hidden behind every authentic moment. 

The France of heritage, lifestyle, culture, and gastronomy. The simple, generous France for those unable to resist both life’s little pleasures and its major events. All these facets of France exist and are very much alive – if you know where to find them. 

That’s what Esprit de France is all about: feeling France’s beating heart by immersing you in its uniquely rich historical heritage. A comprehensive experience across its different regions. After all, it’s by bringing our heritage to life and sharing it that we truly do it justice. 

Some have described us as cultural and heritage ambassadors. Others as epicureans or even idealists. In fact, we’re all these things at once; lovers of France’s beauty, which we celebrate with exquisite simplicity. 

Living heritage.

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