The Vix Treasure

History and heritage
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A treasure discovered in the tomb of a princess

In Burgundy, in the department of Côte d’Or, the Museum of Châtillon-sur-Seine houses today the famous Vix Treasure, dating from the Vth century BC. The treasure was discovered in 1953 in the tomb of a Celt princess, located at Vix, in this Burgandian area.

The funeral room, one of the most beautiful graves of the Iron age, contained a very rich furniture and exceptional items, among which a gold necklace and the much talked-about Vix Vase.

With its remarkable dimensions, it is considered as a master piece of wrought iron work and probably came from South Italy.

Owing to the tin road leaving from Cornwall, crossing Celt land to reach South Italy or “Large Greece”, the Celt people were in contact with the Greek world, which provided them with artefacts, many of which were deposited in the graves.