Versailles en hiver par Esprit de France
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Concerts, visits and exhibitions in the magical place of the French royalty

Versailles, the magical place of the French royalty, remains to this day the center of a universe of grandeur and prestige. Among the events which allow to revive its influence, one can attend, even in the winter, concerts and exhibitions, or take part in visits and animations.

In this season, although the great musical waters are no longer in operation to preserve the sophisticated irrigation system of the park from the winter harshness, music yet remains celebrated in the Royal Chapel. In this magnificent architectural setting punctuated by the columns of the peristyle by Jules-Hardouin Mansart, and under the superb baroque fresco of the vault, you will be able to attend the concerts of the Christmas period programming Purcell, Monteverdi, Haendel, Charpentier and also the Christmas mass by Praetorius, which blend the sacred and the profane styles. As for the Royal Opera, in December, gala evenings alternate with the performances of Preljocaj’s or Malandain’s ballet.

The halls can also be visited in a festive atmosphere. From the Salon d'Hercule to the famous Hall of Mirrors, and to the impressive Battle Gallery, a series of exceptional tours, called Le Parcours du Roi, have been organized to liven up spaces with comedians, dancers, musicians and baroque singers. They allow you to experience with your family the entrancing atmosphere of past centuries. There is also an exhibition evoking the global attraction exercised by the Sun King, his court and the palace itself which quickly became a place for visiting travelers, nobility, princes and ambassadors from all countries. Visitors of Versailles features works of art, characteristic objects, court costumes, travel guides, testimonies illustrating this fascination which lasted until the revolution and fascinated ordinary visitors as well as the ambassadors of Siam and those of the Indian kingdom of Mysore…

Finally, in the gardens, according to recent tradition, contemporary art is invited to a dialogue with nature which was designed by Le Nôtre to celebrate the power of the absolute monarch. Sixteen artists punctuate the space with works that integrate with the groves in a relationship echoing or contrasting with the elements of nature, the fountains and the statues. This Winter Journey ends in apotheosis with an installation in the Grove of the Ballroom, confirming the magic that makes Versailles a worldwide unique decorative ensemble.