This summer, at the Grand Palais!

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A visit in the heart of Pompeii


Recent archaeological excavations have uncovered a new section of Pompeii, creating a new opportunity to look back on this ancient Roman city of 40,000 inhabitants, which was sealed in time by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The Grand Palais has used virtual reality cutting-edge 3D reconstructions to offer visitors an immersive tour before, during and after the eruption. Thus, we walk along the city streets the walls of which, covered with political graffiti, feature shadowgraphs of helmeted legionaries and characters going about their occupations (purchase of amphorae, etc.). Then we experience the explosion of Mount Vesuvius when, in seconds, the eruption rises like an atomic mushroom in a deafening din followed by a shower of pumice lapilli. Then a cloud of burning ash buries everything and brings certain death to those who were not able to escape in time. The other part of the exhibition tells the story of the rediscovery of the city: we listen to the great archaeologist Fiorelli describe his ingenious body molding technique, we contemplate the magnificent frescoes that decorate each of the villas and admire some of the most recently discovered treasures. This is the opportunity to discover a mysterious mosaic illustrating the cult of Orion, a fresco of Leda and the swan and to view once again the most famous paintings adorning the walls of the villas including those of the Villa des Mystères. This event, fun and educational, allows us to see and feel the quintessence of Pompeii, a city which has always been fascinating for both its artistic richness and its terrifying fate. 

At the end of the exhibition, behind the Grand Palais at the bottom of the Champs Elysées, the Lasserre restaurant is one of the most mythical names in French gastronomyThe magical settings inside the Directoire-style town house, include an elegant and luxurious décor with a most surprising glass ceiling. The restaurant attracts gourmets who prefer light and creative cuisine as well as classical dishes. Every single dish, from foie gras & truffle macaroni or duck à l’orange to flambéed crêpes, is impeccable, living up to the restaurant’s unwavering reputation. An unforgettable experience !