The romantic Parc de Bagatelle

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The Parc de Bagatelle in the heart of the Bois de boulogne

folie-bagatelle-paris_byespritdefrance.jpgLocated in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne and ideal for enjoying the sunny Parisian days in peace, the Jardins de Bagatelle is one of the four sites of the Paris Botanical Garden and it reflects the landscape styles from the 18th century to the present day. Do you know that the pretty neo-classical castle that borders the park was built in 1777 by the architect Bélanger after a bet between Queen Marie Antoinette and her brother-in-law, the Count of Artois? The Count rose to the challenge of building the edifice in less than 100 days, but the cost was such that it earned the nickname "Folie d'Artois". The Count was also very much interested in the development of the 24 hectare park which he entrusted to the famous Scottish gardener Thomas Blaikie who designed an Anglo-Chinese garden dotted with "follies", sorts of fancy pavilions that were very much in vogue at the time. Subsequently, after being critically endangered during the Revolution, in 1905 the park became the property of the City of Paris, which called on Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier to rehabilitate the entire estate. We owe him the current design of the park, which largely respects its original design. Full of caves, waterfalls, fountains, small bridges, flowered expanses and remarkable trees (do not miss the araucaria of Chile or the weeping beech), the park presents itself as a bucolic walk enlivened by peacocks strutting on the lawns. It also features horticultural exhibitions (in the Presentateurs' garden) and collections. Small gardens thus present flowers by species: the iris garden, the garden of perennials, that of clematis... roseraie-bagatelle-paris-04_byespritdefrance.jpgBut what makes Bagatelle's worldwide reputation is obviously its Rose Garden: it has nearly 10,000 plants of 1,200 different species and is a living catalog of the evolution of the rose bush. Every year, since 1907, an international competition is organized here! Do not hesitate to come and admire these splendid creations, listen to one of the concerts regularly scheduled in summer and, why not, have lunch in the restaurant located in the old stables of this unique setting!