Paris is ready to bowl you over : Atelier des Lumières and the Alhambra

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Inside the Atelier des Lumières and comedy at the Alhambra


Following the highly popular sound and light shows on Klimt and Van Gogh's works, the Atelier des Lumières is currently putting on an immersive floor, wall and ceiling exhibition devoted to how artists such as Monet, Renoir, Chagall, Matisse and Derain magnified the Mediterranean light in their works. The dilated colours all around share the sensation of exaltation and connection with nature which these joyful artists managed to bring out. Associating genres from Impressionism to Modernism and skillfully set in motion thanks to the 140 video projectors hidden in a monumental space of 2000 sqm with walls rising 10 meters high, this re-creation of the works is accompanied by a spatialized sound system that completes the feeling of total art. 

In addition to the visit, a short show in tribute to the Nice painter Yves Klein and the famous International Klein blue he created and patented. A poetic dive into the deep blue. 

test-site-4_byespritdefrance.jpgOpened two years ago in a former foundry located between Bastille and République, this first Digital Art Center has now become a must-see in the capital. Later, you will no doubt be tempted to prolong your pleasure with another show held not far from République, on the stage of the Alhambra. 

The Cinq de Cœur cappella group are back on stage this fall. The five vocalists' performances are focused on musical humour. The stage is a playground where they can mix the works of Vivaldi with Maître Gims, Aretha Franklin with Schubert, Purcell with Pharrell Williams and so on. Their virtuosity allows them to go from one to the other incredibly fast and delight the audience with their vocal acrobatics. The whole show is delightfully funny, stunningly surprising and moving, playfully combining opera, music-hall and comedy backed by comical sketches and the pure beauty of their singing!