Leonardo Da Vinci, a modern genius!

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A great restrospective 500 years after his death.

Do we not already know everything about Leonardo da Vinci (who died 500 years ago at Clos-Lucé in France)? Everything and even more seems to have been said about him and his work. Yet the Louvre has taken on the challenge and is putting on an exhibition thanks to exceptional loans. In addition to the Tuscan artist’s genius and versatility, illustrated via the presentation of scientific drawings extracted from his Codex, the exhibition throws light on his paintings, differing from the usual mythical and mysterious approach. An "infrared reflectography" technique gives us insight into how, from the underlying drawing, the Renaissance genius grasped the natural physical movement of life and revolutionized the art of his day. His multiple drawings designing nature along with a wealth of realistic details, his compositions that strive to grasp the dynamism of natural life, his sfumato technique that blurs the contours to give the sensation of immediate physical presence, combine to define a unique artist who opens art to new challenges and remains an unparalleled reference for the forthcoming generations of artists. Although Mona Lisa remains in her usual hall next to the Grande Galerie of the Louvre, for reasons of protection, and the Salvator Mundi -recently rediscovered- is not present, the exhibition with almost 200 works by Leonard and his contemporaries is an event not to be missed. 

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