The golden age of English painting at the Musee du Luxembourg

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L'age-dor-de-la-peinture-anglaise-au-musee-du-luxembourg par Esprit de France
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The emergence of the school of portrait.

Works from the Tate Britain’s collections are on show to celebrate the 18th century style produced on the island – a lovely surprise, as tributes to English Art are quite rare in Paris. It starts with a dazzling combination of works by Reynolds and Gainsborough who both took the portrait genre to a rarely reached level; Reynolds via naturalism and humanity, Gainsborough via brightness and fluidity. For example, the portrait of the latter's nephew, named Gainsborough Dupont, already foreshadows romanticism, if you consider the loose brushstroke blurring the white lace jabot, or the fine, almost effeminate features of the young man’s face with unruly strands of hair and a certain ironical look under brown eyebrows. Thanks to these two artists, a genuine school of portrait emerged, and some magnificent examples by Lawrence -who succeeded Reynolds as the king’s official painter-, Romney or Hoppner -who became the Prince of Wales’s official portrait painter- are also on show. Do not forget George Stubbs, also present at the exhibition and who is the unsurpassed leader of another type of portrait, that of horses! The rest of the exhibition covers other themes, such as landscapes, in which English artists have also excelled, let us just mention Turner and Constable! A leading period for English painting to be discovered thanks to the exceptional gathering of many masterpieces. 

solstice_restaurant_paris par Esprit de FranceAfter this visit, why not cross the timeless Luxembourg garden to find yourself facing the Pantheon. In a quiet location behind this monument and the Val de Grâce, Eric Trochon, meilleur ouvrier de France (a 3rd-level degree in France) and also teacher at the Ecole Ferrandi, recently opened his own restaurant, Solstice. The chef used to run a restaurant in Seoul for a few years and chose a clear, zen decor in remembrance of his time there combined with white table cloths and silver cutlery. Assisted by his head wine waiter and partner, Eric offers light cuisine subtly blending French traditions and oriental inspirations. Top quality market produce is backed by perfect cooking: his veal and fish dishes are simply divine! Simplicity and flavour in peaceful settings are the best way to describe this new delight in Paris.