In the footsteps of the artist Shiv Swami at the Domaine des Clos

Cultural events

From September 14 to 17, 2023, the artist Shiv Swami will settle at the Domaine des Clos. Enjoy an exhibition of fifty of his works as well as an exceptional sixteen-hour workshop on the ancestral art of traditional Indian painting.

This event is complemented by a conference led by Vishnu Panchariya to discover the history of India and a two-hour yoga and sound meditation session.

Trained in Beaux-Arts art school, Shiv Swami belongs to an Indian family of miniature artists, settled in Bikaner in Rajasthan for several generations.
Shiv Swami uses traditional methods and tools for his artworks. His style is strongly influenced by Mughal and Rajasthani traditions. He is well known for his detailed miniature paintings, which can be fully appreciated with a magnifying glass. For two consecutive years (2002, 2003), he held the Guinness record for the smallest painting in the world.
Shiv Swami specializes mainly in figurative and botanical subjects and has been commissioned several times to paint large frescoes in Bikaner. He has organized exhibitions in Jaipur, Bikaner and Delhi, in Italy, Germany, England, China and France.

Price of the stay:
Rate without accommodation 430 euros per person including painting, yoga, meditation, conference.
Rate for accommodation and meals at the Domaine des Clos: from 128 euros per room (single, twin or double).
Breakfast 15 euros, lunch 20 euros and dinner 34 euros.

For reservations, please contact the Domaine des Clos (+33(0) 4 66 01 14 61).