Enjoy an art collection at the Musée Jacquemart-André

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A series of masterpieces gathered by Alicia Koplowitz

As an outstanding collector, Nélie Jacquemart would have enjoyed seeing her home today, housing the works of another passionate collector, Alicia Koplowitz. The latter, the President of Grupo Omega Capital, managed to collect through her investment company founded in 1998, a series of masterpieces by the greatest artists in the history of art. The Ancients and the Moderns dialogue with intelligence and subtlety, to the greatest delight of the visitors. Of course, only part of this vast collection is presented to us, since its natural installation is accompanied by a sculpture garden located in Madrid; nevertheless, the selection offered to us for this exhibition is astonishing as it reveals Alicia Koplowitz’s experienced taste and requirement of quality. There are of course many Spanish works: very delicate images of maternity by Morales or Zurbaràn in the 16th century, a darkly humorous genre scene by Goya, then closer to us, portraits by Picasso, abstractions by Tapiès, and the passionate working of the pictorial matter by Barcelo, without forgetting the sculptures by Julio Gonzàlez, a Catalan friend of Picasso’s.

But the portraits of women are essential in offering another fine axis of approach in this collection. In fact, the artists give an unceasingly renewed vision of woman: a Virgin with a hat by Luis de Morales, known as the "Gypsy Virgin", full of  delicacy; a Portrait of the Duchess of Braganza, by Pantoja de la Cruz who paints her official garment with  virtuosity; a Portrait of the Comtesse de Haro painted with true sensitivity by Goya, a Liseuse whose red hair is magnified by Toulouse Lautrec, a silhouette of a woman captured in her walking as a kind of blue flash by Egon Shiele, Picasso's childish woman in his Pink period side by side with a monumental odalisque of the same Picasso in his Neoclassical period, a fatal woman by Van Dongen proudly wearing a green feather on her hat, a Redhead with the pendant depicted by Modigliani, in fact we particularly loved her sensual grace and mysterious melancholy.

The last room of the exhibition features Giacometti's Woman of Venice and another bronze sculpture by Germaine Richier representing a gentle teenager; They offer an almost timeless counterpoint to the Young Woman in the fur coat painted by Lucian Freud with violence and intensity. Through her passion for art, Alicia Koplowitz finds her balance between emotion and audacity.