A different look at trees at the Fondation Cartier

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The exhibition of the Cartier Foundation, offers a uniquely aesthetic and scientific journey 

Summer is undoubtedly the ideal season to question our connection to nature and specifically to trees. Following this theme, the exhibition of the Cartier Foundation, offers a uniquely aesthetic and scientific journey created by a community of artists, botanists and philosophers. Works of art cleverly combine with research revealing the beauty and complexity of trees, which have played a constant major role in our world for millions of years. Knowledge, aesthetics and threats are the three main chapters of this approach. The most recent discoveries have revealed previously unsuspected sensory abilities and communication skills on the part of trees. This relationship of almost emotional intimacy with trees can be felt through some of the most moving works, by the Yanomami Indians or the botanist Francis Hallé in particular; the delicate graphic drawings by the architects Cesare Leonardi and Franca Stagi display an equally intimate and meticulous knowledge while other works play on a more dreamlike or even political register such as the great tree silhouettes by the Colombian Johanna Calle. Indeed, the exhibition also covers the serious ecological issues of large-scale deforestation ! As the exhibition continues outside, you will take advantage of your visit to stroll round the garden which, besides a charming bar serving a few tables in the sun, offers you a walk among magnificent tree species including its extraordinary Lebanon cedar, not very far from the bronze one by the artist Giuseppe Penone.

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