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Mois Molière by Esprit de France
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The city of the Sun King reveals its full glory in honor of a festival

Leaving Paris without visiting the Château de Versailles is as unthinkable as coming to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. And this is even more true when, during the summer season, you can enjoy the show of the Grandes Eaux Musicales which animate the fountains in the park with water games and music as in the time of the Sun King.

But in July, Versailles offers even more varied pleasures since the whole city takes part in a festival, Molière’s month, which transforms it into an open-air stage. 350 performances in more than 60 venues in the royal city, such as the Grandes Ecuries and Petites Ecuries du Château, the Montansier Theater - a jewel-like theater -, the Lambinet Museum, the Saint-Louis Cathedral, the King's Vegetable Garden, the former Royal Hospital. The shows are given in the halls of the city as well as in the streets, squares, parks, and thus make it possible to discover places, architectures, plays and original artists. Splendid courtyards, beautiful facades allow theatrical companies that do not necessarily have the opportunity to highlight their work during the year, to meet the public. 

Mois Molière par Esprit de France

We discover, most of the time for free or for a very modest price, an abundant program of professional or amateur shows that make us laugh or give us food for thought and bet on a troop spirit, the true legacy left by Moliere. The Festival is keen to promote young emerging talents or new shows of more confirmed teams. As a matter of fact, many artists began their career in the yard of the Grande Écurie (for our part, we very much appreciated the Amphitryon by Molière which was performed there) before confirming their success at the off of the Avignon festival.

Over time, and this is clear with this 22nd edition, the festival has risen to a high level of requirement and quality and music has taken a more important part. Then, do not hesitate to stroll at random so as to discover theater, circus, dance and music. For more than a hundred concerts are also widely enlivening the gentle evenings of this early summer and the entire royal city resonates for a month with the performing arts.