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Giacometti at the Maillol Museum, an unclassifiable modernity

Everyone can recognize the Swiss-Italian artist’s famous tall and slender sculptures. The Musée Maillol is paying tribute to the unclassifiable artist this autumn in partnership with the Giacometti Foundation. The exhibition is set out in chronological and thematic order offering visitors a new approach to his sculpture work from the pre-war period through to the 1950s and 1960s. Stirring plaster heads made when Alberto was still a teenager in Switzerland thus testify to his beginnings. Then his formative years are documented, when he moved to Paris, attended Antoine Bourdelle's workshop and met the avant-gardes trends which were developing in the French capital at that time. The exhibition analyzes the relationships with his contemporaries, be they modern classics such as Bourdelle, Maillol and even Despiau, or resolutely avant-garde as cubists Zadkine, Lipchitz and Laurens, or the primitivist Brancusi..

Giacometti par Esprit de France

These face-to-face encounters are truly fascinating because they show with great perspicacity the clear or more subtle similarities with these other artists: thus, for example, like Brancusi in The Kiss, he uses geometrical forms on which some scarifications suggest the human body. But, leaving aside Giacometti’s surrealist adventure, the exhibition then features the turning point he took in 1935 when he decided to focus exclusively on the human figure. Here his work undergoes a vertiginous simplification, while remaining very complex in its intimate process. In these rooms, you will have the rare pleasure of contemplating the pure lines, the timeless beauty and the symbolism of these world-wide famous sculptures such as "Woman of Venice III" and "Man Walking II". Giacometti has, incontestably, imposed on us his modernity that is unlike any other!

Exiting the exhibition, you may find a certain kinship of elegance between the admired sculptures and the slender silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. Why not decide to contemplate the latter from the terrace of the Cité de l'Architecture? With its breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower, its 1930’s style décor and its delicious seafood, Girafe has all the assets diners adore and is quickly becoming the newest hotspot in Paris. The interior is divided into two sections, cream coloured sofas, a marble bar, tropical plants and original pilasters create a cosy décor on one side and a sea food bar with high stools serving a wide range of fish and shellfish dishes on the other. The message is clear : everything is done to give you a treat. The new restaurant at Place du Trocadéro offers the best and highest terrace overlooking the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower. Are you ready for a star-lit dinner ?