A day in Paris by Esprit de France #33

Mai 68 par Esprit de France
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Paris, mythical whatever the period is...

gilles_caron_daniel_cohn_benditFor the fiftieth anniversary of May 1968 (period of civil unrest), several exhibitions have commemorated the subject. The one at the Hotel de Ville relies on the photographer Gilles Caron who is the author of the most famous photo of May 68: we can see the leader of the student movement’s leader Cohn Bendit confronting a policeman with the insolent boldness of youth in front of the entrance to the Sorbonne. The instant sums up the situation, and speaks volumes thanks to the way the photographer managed to capture it. Gilles Caron’s images, a photojournalist-reporter, whose exceptionnal career was unfortunately cut short as he died in Cambodia at the age of thirty, have become emblematic : they are signs that speak better than any speech. You will discover them throughout the 7 sections of the exhibition course that brings to life the Paris of 68 and the stages of a decisive year for the history of minds: the first student fights, the success of the Nouvelle Vague cinema, the Sixties’ fashion, a France where things happen in the street but where the tutelary figure of General de Gaulle is still very present.

brasserie-thoumieux-parisLeaving this exhibition, if you want to reconnect with some other legendary features of Paris, why not have lunch or dinner at the timeless Thoumieux. This famous brasserie, founded in 1923, is a must on the left bank, located between the Musée d'Orsay and Quai Branly. Headed by chef Sylvestre Wahid (2 Michelin stars), the Thoumieux brasserie is an ode to the Parisian bistro, both for its décor and its culinary repertoire. Modernized, the traditional codes of the Roaring Twenties décor still prevail with red velvet banquettes, Lalique glasswork, emerald-green globes, and Art Deco golden lettering. The menu is perfectly in line with the restaurant’s sense of place and offers simply and elegantly presented typical French cuisine. Now,what will you have, pike dumpling or veal piccata, with a vanilla slice or strawberry gateau for dessert..? Be aware that the brasserie also offers brunch on Sunday with an exceptional pastry buffet!