A day in Paris by Esprit de France #31

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Musée Cernuschi par Esprit de France
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Summer, between the Parc Monceau and the Parc de la Villette

The Musée Cernuschi bears the name of an outstanding person: an Italian patriot who had taken refuge in France, he was also an economist and made a fortune under the Second Empire. During a trip to China and Japan, he acquired a large number of works of art and built a mansion on the border of the Parc Monceau as a home for the very heart of his collection. On his death, these were bequeathed to the city of Paris which has kept them alive, for over a hundred years, through thematic exhibitions on Asia. The current exhibition focuses on the culture of perfume and incense in China. Through a selection of artefacts and archeology relating to perfume and lent by the Shanghai Museum, it bears witness to the exquisite refinement of Chinese civilization from the 3rd century BC up to the 19th century. Incense, the composition of which involves different ingredients such as eagle wood and musk, is omnipresent. From perfume burners to incense tables, visitors can enjoy the most stunning artistic creations and learn about the expert craftmanship whether it deals with paint, lacquer, bamboo or bronze, such as those beautiful duck-shaped perfume burners of the Han era which are more than 2200 years old! Dior’s perfume-creator François Demachy makes the exhibition even more interesting by designing the olfactory course corresponding to the rituals involved in dressing, meditation and pharmacopoeia.

Cinéma en plein air Parc de la Villette par Esprit de France

In the evening, the summer heat will certainly lead you to the outside gardens. So, why not try the Parc de la Villette where the large field turns into the biggest open-air cinema in Paris, for the 28th year running. Songs from musicals are on this year’s programme, making for some wonderfully entertaining summer evenings. The festival kicks off with a karaoke version of songs from La La Land and will also include block busters, masterpieces and feature films. It is the ideal opportunity to see Reitherman’s Jungle Book, Dolan’s Mommy, Truffaut’s Jules & Jim, Preminger’s The River of No Return starring Marilyn Monroe again and many, many more.