A day in Paris by Esprit de France #22

La femme en bleu par Esprit de France
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From Passy to Trocadero, What’s new in western Paris?

Corot is best-known for pre-impressionist landscapes, yet the current show at the Musée Marmottan-Monet focuses on his exquisitely delicate subject and portrait works. The exhibition, which features sixty or so of his paintings from reputed European and American public and private collections, reveals the most secret aspect of his production since most of these works, to which he was strongly attached, had never left the painter's studio before his death. Some themes stand out, such as the one of the Italian women that he treats following two stays in Lazio and Tuscany: it is not so much the picturesque that he seeks as a certain feminine typology. The figures of the Reader with the melancholic pose, those of the woman near a fountain or the lute player offer him the occasion to illustrate a state of mind in harmony with nature. The nudes, though less numerous, also tend to express the classical correspondence between the female body and the natural landscape. The exhibition gives us the opportunity, on the one hand, to discover a touching Corot through the portraits of his loved-ones, intended to remain in the intimate setting; on the other hand, to admire real masterpieces hitherto unknown, such as the Woman with a Pearl, the Lady in Blue of the Louvre for which the beautiful Emma Dobigny posed, or the impressive Italian woman from London that once belonged to the famous figurative painter Lucian Freud.

Speakeasy Paris par Esprit de France

Why not finish the day not far away, at the Trocadero, with a jazz party at the brand new Speakeasy. This piano bar invites you to relive the jazzy dimly-lit atmosphere of Chicago's underground bars during the prohibition years. Although the place may look like a night club, do not hesitate to push the door, there’s so much more going on inside: blues piano music, a cigar smoking room, live jazz and a wine cellar all to enjoy comfortably seated in a Chesterfield armchair with a glass of Bordeaux in hand. And these are not the only treasures that these walls hide so well from the outside. Why not enjoy the elegant dishes signed by Chef Xavier Pincemin (winner of French Top Chef 2016). Go back in time and flatter all your senses for a very trendy party at Le Speakeasy!