A day in Paris by Esprit de France #18

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Paris, the city of lights

Paris, at the beginning of the year, is offering events of the highest quality, both in the cultural and entertainment fields. Let us begin with the exhibition that the Louvre devotes to the links of the king Francis I with the art of the Netherlands.

François Ier par Esprit de France

Indeed, although François I was a reputed patron of Italian Art, and promoted the boom of French Mannerism with the First School of Fontainebleau, his love for northern Art was far less known. The Louvre today sheds light on the King’s interest in Flemish and Dutch Renaissance works. The most well-known are, of course, by Jean Clouet and Corneille de Lyon who produced remarkably detailed and intellectually sophisticated portraits. Their names let us believe that they are of French origin but it is not so since the border with the Netherlands was then slightly north of Amiens and both Arras and Valenciennes, where Jean Clouet was born, were attached to them. As for Corneille, he was not a native of Lyon but of The Hague. This fact explains why the Nordic influence was dominant in Picardy and also in Champagne or Normandy. The exhibition reveals, alongside the two stars of the portrait that we have just mentioned, a significant number of artists whose value is equally undeniable: Joos van Cleve, Godefroy the Batavian, Grégoire Guérard and Noël Bellemare, without forgetting the Master from Amiens with his extravagant style. Paintings, but also tapestries, stained glass and goldsmiths here offer a renewed vision of art in France during the Renaissance period. 

In a resolutely different and modern style, you will certainly appreciate Viva Momix Forever for an exceptional evening. To celebrate 37 years on stage, Momix is putting on a show including some of the company’s best performances as well as brand new ones. The show focuses on the similarities linking various kingdoms of nature by using scenographic and choreographic interaction. Dances of unrivalled beauty play with changing shapes and colours in incredibly lively sets. The company takes spectators on an exciting, surreal and comical journey using stage apparatus, plastic costumes, shadows, lighting and 3D images, designing and redesigning the human body. Moon-like seas, flower-girls, rare plants, the aquatic world, dance figures and optical illusions combined conjure up a world of pure poetic magic. With such programming, Paris keeps its title of excellence!