Covered Passageways: a very Parisian secret (2)

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Continue your discovery of the Parisian passages

Having followed our advice to linger in front of the shopwindows of the Galerie Vivienne and wish to continue discovering the Paris passageways, why not walk up the rue Vivienne and pass along the old Palais de la Bourse to access the rue Saint Marc, where you will enter a succession of three passageways. Passage des Panoramas, is said to be historically the first one in Paris and is named after the fact that at the entrance, the American engineer Robert Fulton built two rotundas which housed an outstanding attraction. Indeed, there were shows of panoramic views (hence their name "panorama") of the major urban capitals in the world, which had great success with the viewers. The passage has kept its original style and activity. It is full of philatelic shops, commercial signs such as the engraver Stern’s classified one, and restaurants, among which the simple Japanese Gyoza Bar and the recent Passage 53, whose chef Shin Sato has been awarded 2 stars.

While exiting on the boulevard Montmartre, near the two large historical cinemas, the Max Linder and the Grand Rex, we continue into the Passage Jouffroy. Since its construction in 1836, it has always been one of the busiest in the capital. Its single-shaped arched glass roof is home to the Musée Grévin, the famous wax museum, and to its retro-looking shops, such as a specialist in old canes and many children's toys stores.

Passage Verdeau par Esprit de France

Finally, leaving the rue de la Grange Batellière, we enter the Passage Verdeau. Bathed in sunlight, it is a pleasant place for strolling around. Unsurprisingly, since it is located near the Drouot Auction room, it is mostly comprised of antique shops and art galleries. At the end of our little journey, why not extend our walk on the Grands Boulevards to the Galeries Lafayette Department Store and, on the top floor, enjoy a gourmet break under the superb Art Nouveau glassroof which diffuses pleasant soft lighting ?