The city of Loches

History and heritage

A strategic medieval site

In the Loire Valley, the town of Loches represented a strategic place during the Middle Ages. Dominating the medieval town, the fortress dates back to the 11th century. Spanning the regions of Touraine, Berry and Poitou, erected on a long rocky spur, it was coveted, among others, by the Dukes of Aquitaine.

It was then the stake of a fierce fight between the French Capetians and the English Plantagenets. Once British, it will be reconquered by King Philippe Auguste in 1205.
Two centuries later, in the royal dwelling built a short distance from the fortress, the king Charles VII will regularly receive his favourite, Agnès Sorel; in 1429, he will also greet there Joan of Arc, who came to convince him to go to Reims to be crowned.
His eldest son, Louis XI will transform the castle into a prison.

With its rectangular keep 40 meters high, its magnificently furnished dwelling, its collections of paintings and Flemish tapestries, the medieval Loches impresses the visitor.

Medieval Fortress of Loches
37 600 Loches
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Royal Dwelling
Place Charles VII
37 600 Loches
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