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Director of Publications: Camille Binz


43, rue du Préfet Bonnefoy
44000 Nantes, France
02 40 34 13 72

Hotels in Paris:
Gilles Trillard ( and Yann Monel



ESPRIT DE FRANCE SAS strives as far as possible to ensure that its website information is accurate and up-to-date and reserves the right to correct content at any time without prior notice.

Consequently, ESPRIT DE FRANCE SAS shall not be held liable for (i) errors, inaccuracies or omissions in such website information; (ii) losses arising from security breaches

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Setting up links towards said websites does not require prior approval. ESPRIT DE FRANCE SAS does not accept any liability in such a case.


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Pursuant to the French Data Protection Act and ESPRIT DE FRANCE SAS statement no. 1450197 to the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority), data will not be sold or communicated to third parties. Such data is for the exclusive use of ESPRIT DE FRANCE SAS and is only disclosed to AVAILPRO, the online reservation system administrator, just for on-line bookings. Users can view data and, whenever necessary, may fill out a contact form to rectify or erase data concerning them personally.

All private data collected by the Website (including email address to subscribe to the newsletter and information required to create a user account including surname, first name and email address) do not require disclosure to the CNIL pursuant to 9th May 2006 Exemption No. 7 – Ruling No. 2006-138 on exemption from disclosure for purposes of external reporting or communication. Pursuant to the 6th January 1978 Data Protection Act as amended, all users are entitled to correct, modify, refuse and delete private data. Users may exercise such entitlements at any time, either via their customer account or the newsletter subscription section by clicking on the unsubscribe link, or by sending an email to the following address: [.].

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Sales terms and conditions can be viewed during the online reservation procedure.


In case of any dispute occuring between the professional and the consumer, both parties will seek an amicable solution.

In absence of any amicable agreement and in accordance with article L. 612-1 of the French Consumer Code, the consumer, subject to article L.612.2 of the same Code, benefits from the option of submitting a request for amicable resolution by submitting a mediation request, within a period of one year from his/her written complaint has been addressed to the professional.

This establishment has designated, by membership registered under number 11007/OC/2111, SAS Médiation Solution as a consumer mediation entity.

Referral to the consumer ombudsman must be made:

  • Either in writing to:

SAS Mediation Solution
222 Chemin de la Bergerie
01800 Saint Jean de Niost
Phone. 04 82 53 93 06

Regardless of the means of referral used, the request must imperatively contain:

  • The applicant's postal, telephone and electronic contact details,
  • The name, address and the registration number at SAS Médiation Solution, of the professional concerned,
  • A brief statement of the facts. The consumer will specify to the mediator what he/she expects from this mediation and why,
  • Copy of the prior complaint,
  • All documents allowing the instruction of the request (purchase order, invoice, proof of payment, etc.)