Itinéraire Le long des cotes normandes et bretonnes

Along the Coasts of Normandy and Brittany

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From Honfleur to the Glénans: the coastal towns of Brittany and Normandy.


Located in north-western France, both these neighbouring regions share a coastline attractive for its wild beauty, capes, ports, religious buildings, châteaux, and historic towns. Although neighbours, the Normandy and Brittany have a different history.

Esprit de France invites you to discover the richness of each region through an itinerary that takes you along the coast.

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Comments from our guests
  • El viaje a sido fantástico

    « Bretaña y Normandía nos han encantado. Todos los propietarios han sido muy atentos. Gracias por todas las recomendaciones, han sido geniales. » Antonio. S

Step by step

  • D1

    From Honfleur to the Château de Bénéauville

    Km to Km

    The first day begins with exploring the city of Honfleur, an attractive port in Normandy that has always lured painters, whose contemporary works you will see on the Rue de la Ville. The municipal museum evokes the artistic past of Honfleur, with works by Boudin, Dufy, and Monet. The 15th century Church of Sainte Catherine the is the largest preserved wooden church building in France. After Honfleur, you can make a stop in Deauville, St. Tropez of Normandy! Then head to Caen, where you can admire the two abbeys built with the stones of the city, the Abbaye-aux-Hommes and the Abbaye-aux-Dames. Then visit the Fine Arts Museum in Caen in the heart of William the Conqueror's château, in a contemporary building. After the tour, enjoy a relaxing moment in the château park, where you can admire modern and contemporary sculptures like Bourdelle's Great Warrior.


    1st night at the Château de Bénéauville.


  • D2

    From the Château de Bénéauville to the Manoir de Coutainville

    Km to Km

    From the Château de Bénéauville, go to Bayeux, home to the beautiful "Bayeux Tapestry" for which the city is famous. Measuring 70m long, the tapestry is a unique historical document. Then head towards the Notre Dame cathedral, which overlooks the city. In the afternoon, go to Cherbourg-Octeville in order to visit the famous deep-sea fishing trawler, a registered historical monument named the "Jacques Louise". In the old dry dock, the maritime world is presented.


    2nd night at the Manoir de Coutainville.


  • D3

    From the Manoir de Coutainville to the Château de Boucéel

    Km to Km

    For this 3rd day, discover the lighthouse on Agon point, which guided over 300 vessels a year. Today, this charming place inspires many contemporary painters. Then, go to the Mont Saint-Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which offers magnificent views from the abbey perched atop the island.


    3rd night at Château de Boucéel.


  • D4

    From the Château de Boucéel to the Château de la Ballue

    Km to Km

    The first visit of the day opens by exploring the city of Saint-Malo. Immerse yourself in the heart of the narrow streets of the old citadel, and admire the Saint Vincent Cathedral. The city walls, restored by Vauban, house the Château de Saint-Malo. A walk on the city walls by the parapets reveals a breath-taking view of the sea and inland. At low-tide, you can get to the tomb of Chateaubriand, which stands facing the sea. 

    After the visit to Saint-Malo, head to Fort-la-Latte point, to discover one of the most famous châteaux of Brittany, opposite the Cap Fréhel, in the department of Côtes d'Armor. The Château de Fort-la-Latte is an historical monument.


    4th night at the Château de la Ballue.


  • D5

    From the Château de la Ballue to Ploumanac'h

    Km to Km

    From the Château de la Ballue, head to Paimpol to admire the Abbaye de Beauport, an exceptional area that belongs to the network of major sites of France. Then go to Bréhat, known as the "Island of Flowers", 15 minutes from Arcouest point. A veritable corner of paradise!


    For your 5th night we advise you to stay in the area on to travel on to the Château de Guilguiffin.


  • D6

    From Ploumanac'h to the Château de Guilguiffin

    Km to Km

    For this day, the tour begins by exploring the pink granite coast and Ploumanac'h, a natural site of exceptional beauty, famous for its pink granite rocks. Then go to the town of Morlaix. Discover the fascinating history of the Maison à Pontalez, a unique architectural gem, an example of the architecture of Morlaix. Then head to the parish close of Guimiliau, consisting of a church, a crucifix and a funeral chapel. This close is considered one of the most lavish in the region. Finally, end the day by visiting the Crozon Peninsula and the Pointe du Raz, at the end of Cap Finisterre. The site is magnificent.


    6th night at the Château de Guilguiffin, where we suggest staying for two nights.

  • D7

    Day around the Château de Guilguiffin

    Km to Km

    For this last day, you can visit the city of Quimper, the oldest town in Brittany. Visit the Saint-Corentin Cathedral in the old town. The city is famous for its earthenware factory. The Jules Verlingue museum presents the various manufacturing techniques. Then go to the Glénans, starting from the port of Sainte Marine.


    7th night again at the Château de Guilguiffin.

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