Our Values

Le Chateau de la Ballue

The Esprit de France story began at the initiative of its founder, Christophe Paluel-Marmont. A lover of beautiful historic estate houses, a great lover of art, and owner operator of hotels in Paris, he wanted to create a club for owners of hotels and estate houses, gathered around a common passion: heritage, art, and history.

His intention was to unite the strengths of everyone, in order to share experiences, to make available the expertise acquired, and above all to get together among enthusiasts.

Remarkable for their historical or contemporary architecture, the Esprit de France residences and hotels, located near places of Art and History, go beyond the simple notion of lodging, to introduce a cultural dimension. They offer their guests a unique experience.


Le château des Briottières

Whether châteaux, estate houses, country houses, hotels... they all have their character. Each room in them is unique, imbued with the spirit of the place.

Enjoying a stay in an Esprit de France property means the promise of a timeless, unforgettable journey through France.

What is the symbolism behind the Esprit de France logo?
The ancient oak reflects the union between a rich past and a promising future, between respect for History and the advantages of modernity. Its many leaves, connected to the branches, symbolise the Esprit de France members.