Paris through children’s eyes

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Discovering Paris for children

All children have seen, of course, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and thus know the Paris of the Middle Ages. The discovery of more contemporary Paris can, in the current period, be carried out thanks to the many realistic and imaginative books devoted to the capital and intended for children, from the youngest ones to teenagers. Esprit de France suggests its own selection. 

71lmk8y0obl_parespritdefrance.jpgWhy not start with discovery journeys? The little ones will appreciate the lively and captivating albums Paris s’envole or La Tour Eiffel se balade à Paris. Then, in the ABC-book Paris de A to Z, they will look for Alice at the Arc de Triomphe, Gaspard at the Guignol in Luxembourg and Safia at the Sacré Coeur

Through obstacles and clues, those who already know how to read can follow the streets of Paris Labyrinths-Surprises, fingering through the pages. The journey takes them from the Catacombs to the Louvre Museum and from the riverboats to the OperaDécouvrir Paris est un jeu d’enfant will make them board on an unusual cruise on the canalsgo down into the bowels of the metro, or climb to the top of the monuments and discover their secrets. In a playful format (Where's Wally?style), the album Paris cache-cache will invite them, in twenty-six pictures ranging from Gallo-Roman Lutece to contemporary Paris, to find some very special characters among the crowds of each era. 

They will also be able, in Paris des enfants, to follow Pauline and Martin who will invite them to meet Molière, Rodin or even Roland Garros

thumbnail_51pu6z1fckl_parespritdefrance.jpgAnd for those who prefer stories or History with a capital H, Ces monuments qui racontent Paris will help them know the buildings which make the capital so famousC’était comment Paris quand tu avais mon age? will help them go back in time and re-enact the Parisians’daily life up to the Middle Ages. While Petits secrets des grands monuments de Paris will solve all kinds of usually hard to answer questions: why is the Sacré Coeur always white? Why does a mountaineer regularly climb up the roof of the Cité des Sciences? 

Let’s not forget those who would like to learn more about the city. What books will you choose between Paris en 75 jeuxParis mène l’enquêteParis Quiz or Que savez-vous vraiment de Paris? Each of them offers encrypted texts, puzzles,riddles, word puzzles and many other enigmas.

For parents who would like to share these readings with their children, nothing better than reading or rediscovering Cabu et Paris where the great humorist and cartoonist gives us his poetic and critical vision of this city with inexhaustible charm