The Nissim Camondo museum and Monceau Park

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Discover this charming building located near the magnificent Monceau Park, 

From 1911 to 1914, Moïse de Camondo, a rich banker, art fanatic and devotee of all things related to the 18th century, commissioned a mansion inspired by the Petit Trianon in Versailles to house his magnificent collection of furniture, paintings, carpets, jewellery and chinaware. He wanted to create the perfect hideaway with all the modern trappings of the day.

At his death in 1935, he bequeathed his mansion along with all its contents to the Central Union of Decorative Arts. It is now known as the Nissim de Camondo museum, in homage to his son, who died during the First World War. Located on the periphery of the magnificent Monceau Park, the charming building is home to a plethora of exquisite items. The kitchens, service areas and bathrooms have all been painstakingly preserved in their original state and now afford visitors an insight into the lifestyle of the élite one hundred years ago. 

End your visit with a stroll through nearby Monceau Park, with its rich history. In 1769, the Duke of Chartres (the future Duke of Orleans) acquired some land to construct a “place of pleasure, suitable for festivities and events”. 17 monuments from different eras and countries were erected in the park, including an obelisk, a minaret, an Egyptian pyramid, a Roman temple and the list goes on… Following the revolution, the park was confiscated and declared a national treasure – a place for promenades for the local aristocracy. It has also inspired several paintings by the likes of Monet, Caillebotte and Braque.

Plan your visit

Nissim de Camando museum  

63 rue de Monceau, Paris 17.

From Wenesday to Sunday. 10.00 a.m. to 05.30 p.m.

6,5 to 9 euros.

Joined tickets Arts décoratifs + Nissim de Camondo Museum : 10 to 13 €.

Parc Monceau

Everyday. 07.00 am to 10.00 pm during summer.