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comedies-musicales par Esprit de France
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From Picasso's metamorphoses to the twirling dances at the Philarmonie

Although you may think everything about Picasso’s work is known, the fabulous exhibition at the le Musée d’Orsay will prove the contrary! Devoted to the painter's youth and revealing his ever-surprising work, the exhibition focuses on a short but critical period from 1900 -when Picasso, who was just 18 years old, came to Paris- to 1906 when he adopted a new more primitivist and geometric approach which led him to paint Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, a proto-cubist key work for the development of Modern Art. Between these two dates, this young genius made a decisive journey.
Upon discovering the colours of the Parisian night life, he painted night owls at café tables with powerfully colored strokes evoking the then fashionable style of the post-impressionists. But the death of his young friend Casagemas opens a melancholy crisis where blue, the color of dreams, gradually invades all his paintings. Meeting Madeleine, and later Fernande with whom he moves into the studio of the Bateau Lavoir, reintroduces a new softness in his pictorial work. The favourite themes of his "pink" period are then the family and the acrobats that he treats with great poetry. The Young boy leading a horse, bought at that time by the Steins and now on loan from the MoMA of New York, is a wonderful example. The last room of this vast exhibition shows his trend towards more simplified forms, more sculptural too, which open a new chapter for the master of the 20th century’s prolific work.

Let's go from painting to cinema and from the Musée d'Orsay to the Philharmonie de Paris. An exhibition pays tribute to musicals. Giantic projections, photographs, rare documents, thematic extracts produce a panorama of sound and images to take spectators back to those beloved films: from Jailhouse Rock’s rock'n'roll to Björk’s Dancer in the Dark psalmodies, from West Side Story's dance choreographies to Beauty and the Beast’s twirling objects, as well as successes such as Singing in the Rain and La La Land, .... After the show, pop up to the 6th floor, Le Balcon serves bistro cuisine and offers a magnificent view of the the capital.