A day in Paris by Esprit de France #32

Peinture Monet par Esprit de France
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Summer in the City

Through its 140 paintings and sculptures and many other documents, the exhibition of the Petit Palais, French Artists in Exile, 1870-1904, aims at reconstructing, through works by artists, a surprisingly little-known part of French history. Autumn 1870. The war against Prussia turns to disaster and the enemy army is at the gates of Paris. Claude Monet moves to London with his family. So does Pissarro. Like them, many artists, who were not all impressionists, choose to go into exile temporarily in the British capital. Thanks to Daubigny Monet meets Pissarro as well as art-dealer Durand-Ruel! The impressionist movement somehow emerges there. In 1871, supporters and sympathizers of the Paris Commune, such as the sculptor Jules Dalou or the painter James Tissot, join them. The latter turns out to meet real success there and decides to stay well after this troubled period. As for Monet, he will remain only eight months, yet strongly marked by the vision of the Thames shrouded in fog. Thirty years later, rich and famous, he will go back to London to paint the river’s ever-changing light, in a series of thirty-seven canvases, several of which are exhibited here. Exiting the exhibition, you may be tempted by a break in the charming and relaxing circular garden of the museum.

Les-grandes-eaux-nocturnes-de-versailles.Esprit de FranceBut why not, in these hot summer days, go to Versailles and extend the day in the restful greenery of the park? The House of the Queen has recently reopened in the heart of the Hamlet and it can be visited. The interior decorations of the main rooms have been refurbished and now show their original refinement. But you may also like strolling in the garden groves and around the different pools. The Château de Versailles puts on fantastic evening entertainment in the gardens annually. Every Saturday at night fall this summer, Louis XIV’s Royal Garden hosts the sumptuous musical and visual Night Fountain Shows. So many water and light features to see during your enchanting stroll, accompanied by French baroque music and topped by an amazing firework display!