A day in Paris by Esprit de France #19

Picasso par Esprit de France

A day between painting and music

The exhibition Picasso 1932. Année Érotique invites the visitor to follow, in a rigorously chronological way, the artistic daily work in a particularly intense year. It is a way to question the statement of the artist who once said that "the work you do is a way of writing your diary". In 1932, he is living between Olga, his wife, and Marie-Thérèse Walter, his young mistress. This year shows great boldness in terms of creation, mixing colors and styles with tremendous energy. He produces several series around the figure of Maria Theresa, the subject/theme of which is sensuality, or even eroticism. Cubism has allowed a new approach to portraiture that has become his trademark and he systematically combines the front and side view of the same face. As for the female body, it is treated in an enveloping way: Reclining Woman who appears to be made of curves fitting together is a good example. It was also in 1932 that a kind of "museification" of the artist's work began with two retrospectives of his work, one at the Georges Petit Gallery in June and another one at the Kunsthaus in Zurich at the end of the summer, thus offering his work to a very wide audience. Today, the Parisian topicality gives us the opportunity to see another side of the artist's private life on show at the Gagosian Gallery : it reveals Picasso tenderly making portraits and craft toys for his young girl Maya he had with Marie-Thérese.


Let us continue the day with a musical interlude at La Philharmonie de Paris - Cité de la Musique. An exhibition is dedicated to the French singer Barbara, who died 20 years ago and imposed a vibrant and melancholy style to her songs and performances on stage. The journey covers her life from her difficult childhood to her adult successes and her progressive metamorphose was captured by some of the top photographers of the time, such as Doisneau.

In parallel, the Cité de la Musique features another exhibition of photos taken by French Pop singer and photographer Etienne Daho. Nearly 200 photographs bear witness to the French Pop through the ages, encompassing the pop-singer’s own history and influences.

Don’t forget to check out all the concerts on the programme at La Philharmonie de Paris !