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Promenade: from the dreams of designer-architects to the court Saint-Emilion!

This exhibition sheds light on the heart of the collections of the Cité de l'Architecture and puts them into mutual perspective with some 300 pieces of furniture created over the last sixty years by major names in architecture. For example, the cupola of the cathedral of Cahors, echoes the famous Culbuto chair by Marc Held below: this is no lack of taste but amusing contrast! Thus the exhibition explains how the art of building has become part of the decorative arts, while revealing a lesser-known chapter of the history of furniture (seats, lighting, storage systems, tableware) via iconic pieces. "The question is not whether the architects’ furniture is superior to the designers’ one, but to understand their specificity or their originality" declares Lionel Blaisse, the curator of the exhibition, who then deduces that architects are often more daring than designers, because they are constantly in search of novel material, light and digital design today. You will rediscover with pure pleasure cult objects such as the famous Verner Panton chair (Vitra 1999), the Pipistrello lamp by Gae Aulenti (Martinelli Luce 1966), the ironic kettle by Michael Graves (Alessi1986), and discover many others: chairs by Ron Arad (Schizzo 1989), by Adjaye (Skeleton 2013) or by Widrig and Lee (2017 Ecoire, the raw material -coconut fiber- of which conveys an astonishing organic appearance) destined to become icons of the late twentieth century.

Paris overflows with treasures marked by its history. After the Trocadero Hill and its architecture of the thirties, why not reconnect with older Paris? For example, there is a beautiful 19th century cobblestone courtyard lined with white-stone wine cellars, pointed roofs and peaceful terraces to enjoy in the 12th district : Cour Saint-Emillion where the combination of stone and steel, wood and glass create a particularly interesting architecture. With its 42 listed cellars, it is the last remnant of the Bercy warehouses where for over a century, the largest wine and spirits market in the world used to be held. In unusual settings and atmosphere, Bercy is today an invitation for strolling round or eating out. You may feel like choosing your own selection of chocolates at Dammann Frères, trying out perfume at Fragonard or dining insite an original wine cellar at Chai 33.