The city of Nevers

A travel between Middle-Ages and Renaissance
Château de Prye
Le château de Prye de la collection Esprit de France


Centuries of story and know-how


At the beginning of the 6th century, Nevers had its first houses built on the “Butte”, small hill naturally protected by the river Loire on one side, and the marshes on the other.

One can still admire today the imposing silhouettes of the most remarkable monuments of the town, erected during the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. Picturesque streets go up and down the area of the earthenware manufacturers, who made the pride and fame of the city throughout the kingdom of France, during the 17th century.

As for the walk along the ramparts, it will take you down to the banks of the river Loire, favourite meeting and working place of the bargemen until the 19th century.