The Bourse de Commerce is the new venue for modern Art!

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la Bourse de commerce, le nouveau lieu de l’art contemporain !
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The opening we have all been waiting for.

la Bourse de commerce, le nouveau lieu de l’art contemporain !An event which promises to exceed expectations alongside the re-opening of the Paris museums: the Bourse de Commerce, now dedicated to contemporary Art, is opening in the centre of Paris, just a stone's throw from the Hôtel de la Place du Louvre. In continuation of their previous collaborations on the Palazzo Grassi and the Punta della Dogana in Venice, multibillionaire François Pinault teamed up with famous architect Tadao Ando once again, this time to fully restore the old 18th century corn exchange and redesign the interior to show his Art collection. The Japanese architect revelled in his task, successfully creating an interior design for the gigantic hall and the areas, keeping the sense of place intact while subliming the collection. He kept the full height of the centre building to ensure nothing obscured the magnificent glass dome (first of the kind, built in 1811), as well as the monumental painted decor which matches the interior perimeter and required meticulous expert restoration. He then made major alterations to the rotunda by inserting a 95-foot wide, 30-foot high cylinder, creating a separate exhibition area in the centre as well as space (between the exterior of the rotunda and the cylinder) to access the different levels and other exhibition areas. At the top of this veil of concrete a circular walkway offers visitors a stunning view of the immense painted panorama illustrating intercontinental trade!

la Bourse de commerce, le nouveau lieu de l’art contemporain !Ouverture is the name of the first show in these extraordinary Parisian settings and François Pinault wanted it to be a sort of definition of Art which, in his mind, should be available to the whole world and people from all walks of life, classes, identities, ethnics and political beliefs. The central area immediately sets the tone with one of Swiss artist Urs Fischer's works: visitors will be initially surprised to see the famous 16th century Florentine sculpture, the Abduction of a Sabine Woman, by mannerist Giambologna (Johannes de Bologne), until they realise it is an identical copy, the same colours and size, but is in fact a massive wax candle slowing melting in front of their eyes! The same goes for the heteroclite chairs arranged around the sculpture, symbols of globalization melting away while recounting and putting the history of mankind at the centre of the action, confronted with ephermerality, death and fragility, continuing on to the transformation which can, in turn, become a source of creativity. This is the introduction to the nine other exhibition halls showing works by well-known artists from all around the world. There are also touches of humour, for example, can you spot Ryan Gander's little mouse on the ground floor or Maurizio Cattelan's pigeons on the cupola's balconies?

la Bourse de commerce, le nouveau lieu de l’art contemporain !

You must go up to the top floor before you leave. An absolutely divine view awaits, overlooking the interior and the heart of the building, as well as the exterior and all over the Paris roof tops - Saint-Eustache church, Les Halles, Saint Jacques Tower and the colourful Pompidou Centre. La Halle aux Grains is a new gastronomical venue located on the same floor, where Michel and Sébastien Bras from Aubrac (3 Michelin stars), serve high-end food and drinks from midday to midnight every day. The cuisine revolves around grains, the bean family and cereals, in-line with the building's history and produce origins. The Bouroullec brothers designed various objects and chose colours to create a well-lit yet soothing ambiance, ideal for dining and sharing opinions.


Thanks to the Bourse de Commerce, Paris is back on the map as the capital of Art!