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The Salon Vert: a private space for your business and personal events

Our library, hidden away on the other side of the patio, doesn’t just offer hundreds of different books. Here, time seems to stand still amid the gentle hum of conversations, often by the fireplace. But while it looks like a prestigious reading room, it is actually also a private, professional salon and a setting for your next great idea. Welcome to the Salon Vert, a quiet space where the mind can truly express itself, where the mirror transforms into a flat-screen TV, and where the advantages and amenities of our business service are yours to enjoy. The library transforms into a private, hidden space where up to 15 people can gather around a large table.

Salon Vert hire includes a wide range of services, including ultra-fast fiber-optic broadband, easy projection onto the TV screen via Wi-Fi or HDMI, and an iMac and a color printer at your disposal. We also provide unlimited mineral water, coffee, tea, and fruit juices to enhance your meetings.

Number of guests: Up to 15 people

+33 1 53 89 14 14

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