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  • château de Chambiers de la collection Esprit de France
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  • château de Chambiers de la collection Esprit de France
Guest Chateau

Château de Chambiers

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Price of a local call
  • 18th century
  • 18th century woodwork
    18th century style interior
    17th, 18th and 19th century family furniture
  • Italian and French-style garden
  • Open all year except
    over the Christmas holiday

"An 18th century château in Anjou in a sumptuous leafy setting"

This stunning 18th century château in Anjou is surrounded by extensive grounds at the foot of a forest with Italian and French-style gardens. Step into the château and the owners will greet you with a warm and friendly welcome.

End your day on a high and make new friends around the dinner table at the château.

Amenities and services

  • Outdoor pool
  • Table d'hote
  • Garden
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi
  • Free private parking
  • Library
  • Pool room
  • Board games
  • Private events
  • Golf pitch and putt
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"We welcome guests to our family Château and help keep the legacy alive with our age-old French lifestyle traditions. We know the Loire Valley like the back of our hand and we'd love to share our top tips, famous routes and insider recommendations with you."

Mr and Mrs Crouan would be delighted to make your stay memorable in their château


Stay in one of our 5 stylish and charming rooms. They each have their own personality and exude family history.  

Room details

Bonne Maman Room – 2 people

  • Room from 148 €

Saint Hubert Room - 2 people

  • This room brings to mind long walks in the forest and the joy of reconnecting with nature.
    From 148 €   

Camp du Drap d’Or Room - 2 people

  • This room is an amateur’s real cabinet of curiosities.
    From 168 €

Caroline Room - 2 people

  • Room from 178 €                                                                                  

Pierre Loti Room - 2 people

  • This room pays tribute to the early 20th century writer and academic.
    From 168 €

Extra bed: 28 € 

Contact & access Château de Chambiers Mr & Mme Crouan
Le Château de Chambiers
Route de Beauvau
49430 Durtal
  • - 38km from Angers
  • - 65km from Le Mans

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