Staying near les Halles

Les Halles - A place of life for all times

Located in the heart of the 1st arrondissement of the City of Light, the Les Halles district embraces a rich history, while evoking the time when it was the vibrant central market of Paris, honored with the nickname "The Belly of Paris". In the past, it was the undisputed place where the population stocked up on fresh food products, thus infusing life into the city. However, over time, it underwent a fascinating transformation, giving way to the dynamic and cultural district that we know today.

The famous Forum des Halles, an underground shopping center, houses not only fashionable boutiques, but also a cinema and a municipal swimming pool. It has become the pivot of distribution, but also a place of life in its own right, attracting both residents of the district and visitors from various backgrounds. It is the place where all trends and the pleasures of life converge.

The district breathes thanks to the Jardin Nelson Mandela, a haven of greenery in the heart of the hustle and bustle. Here, young and old enjoy a small corner of nature, finding a calming calm and a welcome serenity. This touch of green extends to the green roof of the Forum des Halles, a structure that blends perfectly with the environment.

Restaurants, bars, and terraces abound, offering foodies the opportunity to taste local delicacies as well as specialties from elsewhere, all in a festive atmosphere that animates the bars around. A palette of atmospheres is offered to everyone in order to satisfy all desires and moods.

These different facets attribute to the Les Halles district the position of an essential part of Paris, where it is good to stroll and let yourself go at the whim of your desires.

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