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The retrospective of James Tissot at the Musée d'Orsay


Here is the first retrospective of James Tissot’s works – an opportunity to see them up close at the Musée d’Orsay! James was born Jacques Joseph in 1836 in Nantes. After graduating from the Paris School of Fine Arts, he became quite successful and moved to London just after the Paris Commune (short-lived, radical socialist government in 1871), where his career really took off. He came back to France 10 years later following the death of his great love, Kathleen Newton, and spent the rest of his career illustrating the life of Jesus. One of a kind, his work is highly eclectic, close to Degas and Whistler’s without ever really going over to full Impressionism. He is the brilliant chronicler of the wealthy and elegant society of his time. His large Portrait du Marquis, de la Marquise de Miramont and de leurs enfants shows his virtuosity in portraying the Parisian or Victorian societies: he shows them dressed in elegant costumes, each detail of which he takes care to transcribe with almost photographic precision and offers an extraordinary insight into the habits and tastes of the second half of the 19th century. The mirror he holds out to the society of his time portrays the fiery ways of seduction with a certain mysterious irony. Hence a possible ambiguous interpretation in paintings such as in HMS Calcutta where the young woman in the foreground, who presents a magnificent small of the back enhanced with tulle and ribbons to the viewer, hides her face behind a fan at the same time! 

lesclimats_oliviersochard-118web_byespritdefrance.jpgExiting this superb exhibition, why not have diner at the Climats? This restaurant set up business inside the old Maison des Dames des Postes (old telephone standard and telegraph centre including accommodation for female operators) six years ago. The listed Art Nouveau interior is sumptuous with an original mosaic on the floor, flower-patterned arches, stained-glass windows and brass lighting fixtures, etc. Les Climats (1 Michelin star and 3 glasses from Wine Spectator), offers creative French cuisine as well as an exceptional Burgundy wine selection. The restaurant includes a bar where snacks are served with wine from the Cellar, a winter garden with beautiful skylight and a secret summer garden (weather permitting) to enjoy a savouring menu outside! The perfect place to go, a stone's throw from the Musée d’Orsay and our Esprit de France Hôtel d'Orsay!